Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi there.

We're really not sure what to expect from this thing.  Really, no idea at all!  What this is all about stems from The Daring Kitchen but where it takes us and how long we might stick around is yet to be determined.  It's all about trying something new, getting a little out of our kitchen comfort zone and being just a little bit daring.

Basically once a month some nice people (no idea yet how you get to be one of the nice people!) over at the Daring Kitchen post a recipe (or a couple) for us to have a go at.  We have no idea what is coming until it arrives.  There's a whole bunch of secrecy and rules regarding publishing our results - which we're ok with.  The 17th of the month is when the recipe should appear and we get all the way until the 14th of the next month to give it a try.  The 14th is the date we're allowed to publish our findings results - late is ok, but never early!  Rinse and repeat...

They ask that we post some pictures.  We'll take some along the way, but we're not going to get wound up stopping what we're doing to take a few snaps.  And, we're not going to publish crappy pictures (people try so hard to show off their great meal experiences in blogs all over the place, but more often than not the pics do not do the experience justice) so our guts are saying we'll be posting very few, if any, pics.  EDIT Looking through the Blogs of people also completing what is our first challenge we see a lot of great food photos - far better than anything we're likely to take.  Apologies for grouping you within the general population of crappy food blog photographers that we had previously thought to be far more extensive (which would include ourselves...)./EDIT

It can't hurt to try this and maybe we'll come across a dish (or dishes) we just have to show off for friends, or maybe we won't...  All we're going to do at this stage is give it a go and report back how well it works out (or doesn't).

We try not to be quitters, so we promise that if for some reason we absolutely hate this after the first go around, we will stick around and try the second one too.



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